Rachel Keller

Talented and attractive American actress Rachel Keller is best known for her portrayal of female leading role in the upcoming sci-fi TV series Legion. As of 2017, Rachel Keller’s current net worth is estimatedly $1.5 million. How did she become an actress and earned such a nice sum?

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Rachel Keller was born on December 25th, 1992, in LA. She spent her childhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where she attended the Conservatory for Performing Artists. In 2014, after her graduation from the Carnegie Mellon University, Keller decided it’s about time to pursue her acting career and moved to Los Angeles.

The beginnings were hard. While she was trying to succeed on auditions, she was maing money with jobs like selling food, baby-sitting etc. She has a role in comedy Hollidaysburg and an episode roles on TV series Supernatural and Mentalist alongside Simon Baker. Her breakthrough came with the role of Simone Gerhardt on TV series Fargo.

Another great acting opportunity showed up with new upcoming TV series Legion. Keller got the role of Syd Barrett. She had to prepare carefully for that role, including training of the Brazilian martial art capoeira. The show will premiered in February 2017.