MJ DeMarco

Successful entrepreneur MJ DeMarco is best known as an author of the book The Millionaire Fastlane and a self-made millionaire. As of 2019, MJ DeMarco’s current net worth is estimatedly about $20 million and we know how did he amassed such a nice sum.

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MJ DeMarco grew up in Chicago. Since he was young, he wanted to obtain a wealthy life and earn money so he could live without worrying about his expenses. This dream came true and he has become a successful self-made millionaire thanks to his business activities. He can afford is dreams now, including owning Lamborghini.

DeMarco founded a global ground transportation marketplace, Limos.com. In 2007, he sold it to a private firm. He is also known as a founder of Viperion Publishing Corporation, which sells his book, ebook, and audiobooks. DeMarco also created Fastlane Forum where you can find entrepreneur and startup discussions.

MJ DeMarco’s fame came with his book The Millionaire Fastlane which is widely discussed on the internet. It was published in 2011 and translated to many languages. He planned to released his second book in 2016 but he didn’t released it yet as of December 2016.