Eben Pagan

Former real estate agent Eben Pagan is best known as a pick-up artist presenting himself under the pseudonym David DeAngelo. He is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker. Eben Pagan’s current net worth is allegedly amazing $15 million as of 2017 and we also know how did he amassed such breathtaking sum.

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Eben Pagan was born on December 5th, 1971, in Brooklyn, New York. He started working as a real estate agent and mortgage broker. His first big success came with an ebook titled Double your Dating. It started Pagan’s successful business which gained him millions of dollars.

His other ebooks which are behind his road to fame and money were also focused around providing guys with dating help and instructions. They included: Man Transformation, Advanced Dating, and Meeting Women Online. Pagan’s work received great feedback from customers. Together with his wife Annie Lalla, he is a member of the business group known as The Syndicate which uses digital marketing and sells online self-help products.

Pagan is known as an author of many infomercial products, such as Self-Made Wealth, Make Money As A Modern Day Guru, and Print Persuasion Masterclass. His charismatic personality and perfect rhetorical and teaching skills gained him a massive amount of fans. He gained his net worth mostly thanks to his e-books, webinars and seminars about dating as well as more recent marketing ones.