Famous hip hop duo Atmosphere consists of rapper Sean Daley known under the stage name Slug and DJ and producer Anthony Davis known as Ant. As of 2017, Atmosphere’s estimated net worth is currently $3.8 million. Let’s take a closer look how did they amassed such a nice sum.

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Atmosphere formed in 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the co-founders was a former member of the group, Derek Turner alias Spawn. He met with Sean Daley at high school. After some time, the two started recording their songs with Ant. Turner left the group after releasing their debut album titled Overcast! in 1997.

At their beginnings, Atmosphere joined a collective named Headshots with several other rappers, namely Musab, Black Hole, The Abstract Pack, and Phull Surkle. Later, the group later became a record label titled Rhymesayers. Since their debut album, Atmosphere has released another 10 studio albums so far.

Their latest album titled Fishing Blues was released in August 2016. The first single, Ringo, was released in June on YouTube. It has gained almost 300 thousand views as of December 2016. The big part of Atmosphere’s net worth has originated from their live tours.