Joe Wicks

Online fitness coach and nutritionist Joe Wicks really knows how to do a business! His work is his passion and he loves helping people to live healthier lifestyle. It also generates him several sources of income. As of 2016, Joe Wicks’ total net worth is estimated to be about £14.5 million ($18 million).

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Joe Wicks was born September 21, 1986, in England. He graduated from Twickenham’s St Mary’s University with degree in sports science. Then he started with running a boot camps. He posted free fitness and diet tips online and after some time, he decided to monetize his work and begin with paid workshops. He is a creator of 90 Day SSS Plan.

It took only a year after he started his little mailing business to reach a huge client base. He has also a 50 members of staff in his office in Richmond. As of 2016, this charismatic coach has over 90 thousand clients and over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. H even had his first TV show on Channel 4 in the summer titled Joe Wicks: Summer Body Coach on Channel 4.

Wicks’ first cookbook titled Lean In 15 became a bestseller in 2015. Since then, he released two other books. He runs a YouTube channel The Body Coach TV which has more than 230 thousand subscribers as of November 2016. Wicks posts a weekly HIIT workouts there.