Michael Santana

Professional gamer Michael Santana is best known under the nickname Imaqtpie. His total prize money earned from 21 tournaments make almost 32 thousand dollars. As of 2018, Michael Santana’s net worth is approximately about $1 million but what’s more interesting is the story how he met his gorgeous girlfriend who…

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His girlfriend used to be a diamond-tier LoL player herself. Her name is Lisha and they met online on chat. Some time after that, Imaqtpie was trolling her on her dating profile on OKCupid website. And she eventually surrendered to his charisma. Imaqtpie was playing for more than three years with team Dignitas, which has headquarter in the United Kingdom. Team Dignitas was founded, joining the Sweden Kompanix and the Battlefield 1942 clans Legion Condor together in 2003.

Recently, you could see Imaqtpie taking part in playoffs of Riot’s League Championship Series. Beside his career in tournaments, he is dedicated to Twitch broadcasting. There is no doubt he is the one of the most popular Twitch streamers with sometimes even 40 thousand live viewers. We estimate that Imaqtpie’s biggest income originated from his Twitch streaming.

His income from streaming is reportedly over 8 thousand dollars per months. On Twitch, streamers has multiple ways how to increase the profits. Santana does know all of them so he can easily earn enough money. His channel gained more than 83 million collective views.