Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge are identical twins who became popular as duo hodgetwins. They run together a successful YouTube channel with over 1.1 million subscribers and online store selling workout supplements and clothes. As of 2016, their combined net worth is amazing $3.8 million.

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Before becoming comedians, entrepreneurs and online celebrities brother tried careers in finance and the U.S. Marine Corps. Their YouTube channel presents various funny videos. Among popular uploads are Hottest Teacher Ever Gets Pregnant By 13 Year Old Student, New Flavor Testing | Weight Loss Update | Snap Chat Gains, and All Girls Like Hair Pulling.

Hodgetwins’ online store sells protein powder supplements and even erectile supplement. Add fitness apparel, such as branded t-shirts, hoodies, adnd wristbands to the list. Since they are focusing on male audience, clothes for female are not part of their product line. Maybe that will change in the future.

Kevin and Keith are eyeing also traditional media so we can pretty soon see them in some movie or TV show. With their muscular figures, it’s easy to see why they gained such an attention on the fitness scene. Their workout strategies promise large weight gain…we are talking about muscles off course, no fat.