Michael Green aka Pickleboy

Michael Green started an unusual online project called The Angry Grandpa Show with his old dad. He himself uses nickname Pickleboy and works as both, producer and cameraman. What’s he doing for a mundane job? Green is a graphic designer and webmaster. As of 2016, his total net worth is about $1.3 million.

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First episodes of Angry Grandpa were filmed and uploaded in 2007 but those early pranks were unfortunately blocked by YouTube for the violation of their Terms of Service. However, Micharl overcame this obstacle and today, his YouTube channel has almost 2.4 million subscribers from around the world.

Some of his most popular videos are Angry Grandpa Destroys PS4! and Angry Grandpa’s New House! The latter shows how grandpa moved from trailer park Shannonwood to his new home. He lives there with two German Shepherds and off course his four kids pay him frequent visits.

Michael’s nickname Pickleboy originates from the fact, that grandpa often throws pickles at him. He tried to follow a strict diet several times in order to lose some weight but so far without bigger success. His current girfriend’s name is Bridgette West but he calls her Princess. Before Bridgette, Michael Green dated Victoria and before her Amanda.