Butch Gilliam

As one of the main stars on reality series West Texas Investors Club, multi-millionaire Butch Gilliam became quite famous. This affluent pipe salesmen has many side incomes and regularly invests into strangest ideas. He once purchased patent on flush-joint pipe connection $200,000 only to later make the deal of his life when he sold it eventually for $100 million. As of 2016, Gilliam’s current net worth is estimated to be above $150 million.

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You probably wouldn’t bet much on his career, when he was fifteen years old and dropped out of high school. He worked in machine shop called Curley’s after that. Although it was his family’s business, he started from the bottom. Literally. Sweeping the floor. However, Butch proved a lot of dedication and talent and eventually became the president of the firm.

After expanding family fortune, he sold Curley’s for a hefty sum. He often provides business funding for unusual opportunities and currently co-owns West Texas Ltd together with Rooster McConaughey. They increase their net worth tremendously by taking calculated risk.

West Texas Investors Club is an interesting window into their investing business. So far, McConaughey and Gilliam invested almost $2 million on the show. With second season just starting on CNBC, this number is expected to grow soon. Venture capitalists from Texas saw some unique ideas on previous season, such as website for preparing college funds and even natural hangover cure.