Victoria Coren

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a famous British TV celebrity, author, and also professional poker player. She’s definitely a woman of many talents. So it’s no wonder that her wealth is a very nice round sum. As of 2015, Coren’s net worth is estimated to be about £3 million ($4.6 million). Biggest portion originates from her poker winnings that totaled on £2.4 after her second victory at the European Poker Tour.

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You probably envision professional poker players like a bunch of older dudes in hats and sunglasses sitting around dark table and you might be right most of the time. But hot Victoria Coren can beat most of those guys and look gorgeous in the process. She’s a married mom of one and her full cleavage often distracts her competitors.

Victoria is also very attractive woman and her breast size is really noteworthy. Too bad she’s taken. Coren married famous actor David Mitchell in 2012. In May 2015, Victoria gave birth to their first child. She still wrotes columns to newspapers and hosts the BBC television quiz show Only Connect.

From all her income sources, poker proved to be the biggest hit. Victoria belongs to the poker elite and often wins tournaments. For example in 2014, Coren won the main event of the European Poker Tour in San Remo. That brought her amazing prize money €476,100. Definitely a nice sum.