Barron Trump

Barron Trump is a son of a jewelry designer and a former model Melania Knauss and famous rich real estate developer Donald Trump. His family certainly takes a care of his upbringing in a very upscale fashion. Since he’s just a kid, Barron doesn’t have a net worth of his own yet. But he’ll definitely inherit a huge fortune one day.

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Barron was born 20 March 2006 in New York City. His mother Melania is a third wife of Donald Trump who made a fortune mostly in the real estate business. Barron has Scottish and German ancestry from his father’s side and Slovenian from his mother’s side. Just his family name alone could mean a fortune for him in the future. Just look how Paris Hilton capitalized in tabloids and media on her family’s fame.

He certainly has a potential to become a celebrity. In the first year of his life, Barron already made his television debut when he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Or he might inherit his father’s business talent and make a fortune by investing into real estate projects. Or he might just decide to enjoy his family fortune and do nothing. We’ll see.

He has two stepbrothers (Donald Jr and Eric) and two stepsisters (Ivanka and Tiffany). But we don’t doubt that Donald’s net worth will be more than enough even when split into several pieces. Barron appears on public rarely. He’s only eight years old anyway. In 2015, he was spotted on Trump Invitational Grand Prix, of course in attendance of his parents.