Daddy Dave

One of the main characters on MTV’s reality TV show Street Outlaws, Daddy Dave (his real name is David Comstock) surely made himself a name. And although street races aren’t exactly a sport where you can earn much through endorsement deals, Dave’s contract with MTV brought him some serious cash. As of 2015, his net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million.

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His 1996 GMC Sonoma surely doesn’t have much in common with it’s factory siblings. Daddy Dave spent over $150,000 just on custom parts. Rich enthusiast Jackie Knox covers Dave’s expenses on racing. No wonder Dave was dubbed King of the Streets and rules all the races. It will be very hard for anyone to take him down from his throne.

OKC street racing is a competitive sport but Daddy Dave has over twenty years of experience and great team behind him. And to keep his competition always one step behind him, Dave will introduce a new weapon for 2015 season. Sonoma will take well-deserved rest while he’s finishing work his new racing machine. He’s heavily modifying 1963 Chevy II.

Upgrades to his second Chevy will be really major. Starting with safety cage and ending with fiberglass front end, doors, and decklid, this car will again resemble a serial vehicle only by parts of it’s chassis. Comstock plans to keep his lead thanks to this devil in disguise. We wish him luck in the streets and hefty salary from MTV.