Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is a famous chef and TV personality. According to Forbes, Ramsay earned $47 million in 2014. His total net worth is estimated to be around $120 million as of 2015. Who would have thought you can make so much money by cooking. His Hell’s Kitchen and other TV shows are very successful. Yet we are sure his most precious success are 3 Michelin stars he has.

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That’s right. His Restaurant Gordon Ramsay earned 3 Michelin stars since 2001. That’s probably the highest achievement you can get in the world of cooking. But everything wasn’t always ideal in his business. In 2012, Gordon filed a big $2.7 million lawsuit against former partners because of some defamatory statements and licensing fees.

As of 2015, Ramsay runs 10 restaurants in United Kingdom, 6 in United States and several others in various destinations. This certainly makes a notable portion of his income stream but Ramsay branched out to several other businesses. He wrote several best selling cookbooks. Let’s name for example Gordon Ramsay A Chef For All Seasons, Recipes From a 3 Star Chef, and Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course.

Ramsay is married to Cayetana Elizabeth Hutcheson since 1996. They have four kids. He’s very involved in various charities. For example in 2005, Gordon started his “Buy a Brick” initiative. He’s also a sponsor of the Scottish Spina Bifida Association and received a title of Honorary Patron from them. In 2014, Ramsay also appeared on Masterchef Poland.