Dolly Parton

Famous actress and musician Dolly Parton acquire stunning wealth through her long career. As of 2015, her current net worth is estimated to be astonishing $500 million. Music royalties proved to be especially rewarding in he case. But movies also added to her fortune noticable, just remember Steel Magnolia.

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One of largest paycheck probably Parton received through the rights to the song “I Will Always Love You“. The song reached #1 on the Billboard country music charts. Some other recordings brought in Parton over $10 million. That massively boosted Parton’s net worth! Parton is also known as country singer, who started selling her recordings in 1977.

In 2004, Parton succeeded with Hello, I’m Dolly Tour. The ticket sales brought her amazing $6 million. Two years later Parton made from her An Evening with Dolly Parton tour astonishing $16 million. Finally in 2011 Parton’s A Better Day World Tour brought her $34 million. In 2014, Parton produced successful album Blue Smoke, which sold over 49,000 copies.

With such a high incomes it was just a matter of time when Parton start to be interested in real estates. But after a property shoping spree, Parton decided to cut down her real estate investments. She started by selling her fabulous Spanish bungalow near luxurious Santa Monica Boulevard for $1.4 million. Next, Dolly sold thecreekside cottage after listing this eccentric house for $599,000. Finally, Parton sold her three-bedroom cottage for listed price $950,000.