Nash Grier

As of 2015, Nash Grier is only 17 years old but he already makes big money online. His Vine videos are extremely popular. He has already over 11 million follower on Vine. Such a large fanbase tranlates into big profits. His estimated net worth surpassed $1 million in 2015. Really not bad income, for a teenager.

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Many of Grier’s videos caused a huge controversy. He’s often criticized for being racist, homophobic, and promoting unhealthy beauty standards for girls. At this point we should probably mention that majority of his followers are most likely teenage girls. So he’s doing definitely something they like about him, regardless of his insensitive video comments.

He was born 1997 in North Carolina, USA and studies at Davidson Day School. He already was twice on Good Morning America show. He also singed a contract with AwesomenessTV to play in one of their upcoming movies. So we see Nash slowly transition from solely online star to full-media-scale celebrity.

According to online rumors, several brands are paying up to $100,000 for a product placement in his videos. Well, if it’s truth we understand why. It’s a great marketing strategy. Vine was only launched in 2013 and look how they already created first millionaires out of their content publishers. It’s really a fast moving era and high net worth opportunities are sitting everywhere.