Dwyane Wade

Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade certainly knows how to make big bucks in basketball. According to Forbes, his 2014 earnings were approximately $30 million. Only $19 coming from the game itself. Additional $11 million is income from his various endorsements deals. Wade has net worth of $95 million as of 2015. What’s he doing with so much money?

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Well he for example bought a luxury beach house in 2010. It cost him almost $11 million and it’s located in Miami, Florida Huge Mediterranean-style mansion is facing the ocean. Wade converted it’s tennis court into a basketball one. Of course.

We already mentions that Dwyane has many endorsement deals. So who are his biggest sponsors? Count in Lincoln, T-Mobile, Gatorade, and many other. Just his deal with shoemaker Li-Ning was worth $10 million. With all his wealth, Wade still remembers the less fortunate ones. He donated money to Illinois public library, so it didn’t have to be shut down. He also helped raise money on victims of 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Wade dated several hot women. First he married his Siohvaughn FunchesList, his high-school sweetheart. But they filed for divorced 2007. It was finalized in 2010. In 2009, Wade started dating hot Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union. They married in 2014.