Marshall Bruce Mathers III known by his stage name Eminem is a famous American rapper that made a break-through with his hit The Real Slim Shady. His net worth is estimated to be $170 million in 2015. This comes with a lot of perks but also problems. Eminem’s own mother sued him for $10 million for defamation in his lyrics. Luckily for him without any bigger success.

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Eminem has hard time to stay out of trouble. He had to pay $2,000 fine and perform some community service because of weapons charges. Jazz pianist Jacques Loussier filed a $10 million lawsuit against him for copyright issues. In 2005, Eminem was sued by his own uncle and aunt for some financial promises he allegedly gave them. It’s good for him that his income sources are so strong to withstand all these financial threats. Although he’s often criticize for being homophobic (based on his lyrics), Eminem says he has nothing against gays and on the topic of gay marriage he once said that “everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable”.

Same as many other rich rappers, Eminem owns huge mansion that makes a big portion of his net worth. His is located in Oakland County Michigan. He bought it in 2003 for $4.8 million from former Kmart CEO. It’s current value is estimated by real estate website Zillow to be $3.9 million. It has own tennis court, 6 bedrooms and 9 and half bathrooms. Mansion is in nice secluded area. Meanwhile, Eminem’s childhood home in Detroit, Michigan was demolished after the fire damage.