FattyPillow is a famous Czech online personality active on Twitch and YouTube. His funny videos attracted vast audience and made him quite successful. As of 2017, FattyPillow’s total net worth is estimated to be over $50,000 (1 million CZK). Lets take a closer look on his life and career success now.

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His real name is Karel Sivak and he was born August 15th, 1992 in Trebic. He studied to become a cook but after finishing his diploma, FattyPillow was attracted by the show business. He started posting hip hop videos on YouTube under the nickname Fat Carl. He had almost an immediate success.

In 2014, Karel started using his current stage name FattyPillow. He is active on both, Youtube and Twitch and is able to make thousands of CZK in one broadcast. His main strength is how funny his videos are. Half a million subscribers might not sound as stunning when compared against most famous American YouTubers but it is a definitely a huge success for a small European country.

In 2015, FattyPillow moved to Prague with his girlfriend. He is dating a girl named Sara. Meanwhile, he made also a breakthrough in traditional media and appears on several television shows. We are pretty confident that his net worth will continue to grow in the near future.