Donna Brazile

Famous author and political analyst Donna Brazile also managed Al Gore’s presidential campaign in the past. Her success in many fields brought her a considerable wealth. Donna Brazile’s net worth is estimated usually about $3 million as of 2017 and she has the following sources of income.

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As a political strategist, Brazile run several election campaigns for Democratic politicians. She also served at the Democratic National Committee between the years 2011 and 2016 and prior to that as a superdelegate for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Her political career also includes some controversies.

Donna Brazile taught in the past at several universities, such as University of Maryland and Georgetown University. On the top of that, Brazile is often invited on various TV shows to comment especially on political issues. Fun fact: Brazille guest-starred on one episode of House of Cards.

Her income and net worth is also increased thanks to her success as an author. Brazille was a columnist for Roll Call and continues to write for Ms. Magazine. She is a vocal advocate of LGBT rights and holds a college degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.