Scott Yancey

Popular television celebrity and real estate broker Scott Yancey became famous thanks to a show Flipping Vegas where he and his wife are buying real estate properties in a bad condition and putting them back on market after renovation, hoping for a quick profit. They definitely know how to flip houses. As of 2015, Scott Yancey’s net worth is approximately $5.4 million.

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At the age of 14, Scott received an insurance settlement. It was a huge sum for a teenager, $30,000. But instead of spending like most young people would, Yancey invested it more than wisely. He purchased the 2nd deed of trust for a home mortgage which brought him an incredible 14% of interest rate. Scott started to build his personal financial empire.

He got his broker license and on one of the real estate events in Las Vegas, Nevada met his future wife Amie. They dated for severa years before Yancey married her. In 1994, Scott founded real estate brokerage and investment business named Goliath Company.

In 2011, A&E channel introduced a new show Flipping Vegas with Yancey and his wife as a main stars. While Amie is focusing on interior design and renovation of ruined properties they intend to flip, Scott takes care of the other parts of this business. Yancey has also some other side incomes, such as royalties from his book Go Time: How to Make Insane Money in your Market Now. This couple is definitely pair of real estate pros.