Phil Lester

Phil Lester known online as AmazingPhil is a popular English vlogger. His YouTube channel has almost 3 million subscribers. Enough for Lester to live more than plush life from online advertisement alone. Phil’s total net worth is astonishing $1.5 million (£1 million) as of 2015. That’s quite a fortune.

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In 2006, Phil Lester uploaded his first online video on YouTube. He was 19 years old. At that point probably even he didn’t know how successful he’ll become after few short years. In 2015, he already has 2.7 million subscribers on his main video channel. His fan base is broad and they love him for his specific humor and acting talent.

2015 should be very good for Lester financially. He published his first book named The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire. And started his own tour….you’ll probably guess the name of it. It’s The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire. All of it should further increase his already stellar net worth.

When it comes to dating, his private life is one big secret. While according some rumors Lester is a gay and dating fellow youtuber Dan Howell, others claim those two are only friends and completely straight. Why is it so important to know the truth? Well, at least their female fans would really like to know.