Malcolm Turnbull

Famous Australian politician and entrepreneur Malcolm Turnbull gained a lot of wealth from his various business ventures. He’s one of the richest members of parliament in Australia, maybe the second only afterof billionaire Clive Palmer. As of 2015, Turnbull’s net worth is astonishing AUD 186 million (USD 137 million).

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Turnbull was a founding director of internet service company OzEmail. It was in the golden years before the famous dotcom bubble burst. The foundation of his astronomical wealth can be traced back to those days. But Turnbull isn’t one hit wonder. He managed to maintain his riches through the time. That’s a matter of wise investments and good financial planning.

He owns an incredible real estate property. His waterfront mansion in Point Piper is worth millions. It’s really hard to put an exact price tag on such a unique propety until the real sale takes place. But you can look at some comps in the area and the nearby luxury house named Altona has sold for incredible $52 million recently. Turnbull’s mansion should have similar value. So the large portion of Malcolm’s wealth is invested in this prestigious real estate.

Turnbull married his girlfriend Lucy Hughes in 1980. This happy couple still lives together today. They have two kids and one grandkid. This prominent member of Liberal Party was an investment banker, lawyer, and venture capitalist before he entered the world of politics.