Bill Gates

Famous software billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates is one of the richest men on the planet. For a several years he often ranks as the richest man. Period. So how much money it takes to be entitled to this position? His 2015 net worth is incredible $79.8 billion! How he amassed such a wealth and how he’s enjoying it?

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Gates wasn’t born into a poor family as his father was a successful lawyer. Still, Gates has a right to think of himself of him as a self-made man. All of his net worth originates from his own work. Any possible inheritance is insignificant in comparison to his own cash. Gates pursued a college degree on prestigious Harvard University but after his company Microsoft became instant success, he dropped out of school and never returned.

In 2013, one of his fastest growing years lately, his net worth increased from $63 billion to US$79 billion. But his wealth peaked in 1999 before the Dot-com bubble burst, Gates was briefly the first person ever that surpassed $100 billion. His fotune could grow a lot faster in recent years but he and his wife decided to gave notable portions of their money to their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates is a huge philanthropist and has a charitable soul.

Bill Gates owns huge mansion in Medina, Washington. It cost over $63 million to build it. And he pays annual property tax of $991,000! The total current price of this exquisite real estate property is now over $148 million. Wooden design of the home is tastefully inserted into the surrounding forest.