Antonio Banderas

Charismatic actor Antonio Banderas earns a stellar salary per movie. He was paid for example $4 million for Evita and incredible $12 million for The Body. His 2015 net worth is approximately $45 million. Just read what amazing luxury home he was able to buy for the fraction of this fortune. You wouldn’t believe it.

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Banderas and his now ex-wife Melanie Griffith listed their opulent mansion for sale in 2015. Most likely due to their recent divorce, they have no use for it and need to raise cash to accommodate divorce settlement. Located in prestigious Hancock Park in Los Angeles, California, their mansion has notable price tag. Asking price is $16.1 million but good negotiator should be able to get some discount, especially if he brings cash.

This large size home offers seven bedrooms and same number of full bathrooms. It was built in Italian style in 1920’s. So it’s not for modern art lovers. Rather for someone who can admire classical forms.

Banderas has honorary doctorate from his hometown’s university. His first wife was Ana Leza. They married in 1987 and divorced in 1996. After his second divorce, Antonio is now enjoying a presence of Nicole Kimpel. She’s twenty years younger than him and real beauty.